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Google My Business Setup

Have you ever seen that panel that comes up on the right when you search for a specific business?  Google My Business is a service provided by Google that lists information on your company when people search for you specifically, or your trade if they’re in the local area.  This has been shown to increase site traffic by 700%!


(one-time fee)

Content Management

Typos, grainy photos, and outdated or incorrect information – only some of the many ways to take away legitimacy from your website, and consequently your business.  Van Soto Web Design prides itself on applying correct, concise, quality, and digestible content creation principles.  We are more than willing to help clean up your site and help increase site appeal.

$35/p - $600/t

Prices are dependent on workload and complexity. ‘/p’ = per page, ‘/t’ = total

Clover POS

Clover is a popular POS system that is notoriously easy to manage, but can just as easily become cluttered with old items, outdated categories, and incorrect attribute tags.  If your Clover system needs some love, Van Soto Web Design offers these services:

  • Clover clean up
  • Clover management
Included with any website package:
  • Clover ordering page setup
  • Clover ordering QR code integration

One-Time Clean Up


Monthly Management


Price varies depending on expected workload, complexity, and frequency.

Media & Logos

If you are struggling to find images that fit your website’s specific needs, an applicable-enough video, or even making a fitting logo, Van Soto Web Design can help.





For 3 options



One stock 30-second video

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