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A quick note about FAQs...

      This is by no means a comprehensive list, and I am frequently adding/removing information.  If you don’t see your question and don’t want to ask me directly, no worries!  Check back to see if your specific inquiry has been added at a later date.

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How does the whole process work?

  1. First, click the ‘Sign Up’ button at the top right!
  2. I will receive your request and reach out to schedule an initial meeting to go over requirements, design requirements, and whatnot, usually 1-2 days after you fill out the form (same day even, but it’s of course whenever your schedule allows).
  3. After that, I’ll start building!  For more detail, see the question below, but generally websites take anywhere from 3 days to a month.
  4. I’ll send the first month’s invoice (depending on your plan), and we’ll launch the website as soon as it’s paid!

How long does a website usually take until it is launched?

      There are several different variables that go into making a website.  Is the information already typed out and ready to upload?  Are the images provided good enough quality and convey the correct message?  Does the client understand what they want their website to do and look like, exactly?


      If I receive everything I need info/media-wise, development can take less than a week.  However if you want design changes or if the content provided needs many adjustments, it may take up to a month.

If I want to edit anything myself instead of paying you, can I?

      Without a doubt!  I believe very strongly in teaching someone to fish, not just giving them one.  If you’d like to learn how to change out images, add new reviews, whatever your site needs, I’m absolutely willing to teach you.  I’ll handle the more complex stuff, like managing SEO, security, and hosting, but if you’d like to take over that as well, that’s totally okay.  But at that point, maybe you don’t need to go through me to build and manage your site 😉

How long does it take to implement requested edits?

      Generally, it depends on the edit.  Almost anything can be handled within 1-2 business days.  If it’s an emergency, I can handle it even sooner; if it’s something much larger, I’ll get working on it as soon as I can to have it done within a week.

I already have a website, how will the process work then?

Well, like most things, it depends.  I primarily build websites on WordPress, so if you already have a WordPress website, then we’re golden.  I’ll only need the credentials to access the back end and I’ll start building.  Once your approval has been granted, we simply change over to the new look in a flash!


      If your website is already made through another platform like Squarespace, Wix, or GoDaddy and you own the domain, transferring the website takes no time at all!  I will build the website entirely on WordPress, but wait to launch it until the design is finalized and given your approval.  When we’re good to go, transferring your domain, during your business’s down time, and launching your new site takes less than an hour in most cases.

I bought a domain, but it isn't associated with any website, is that alright?

      That is absolutely alright.  I’m very familiar with all things related to domains.  Once we get you registered into WordPress, we can move your domain in and start building your site.

I don't have a domain or a website, can you help me with the process?

      Definitely!  If your business lacks any online presence, I can help build it from the ground up.  When we have our first meeting, we’ll establish what exactly you have already (don’t worry, it’s totally okay if you don’t have anything) and what we need to move forward!

Do you set up email services with your websites?

      I do!  Standard packages come with as many Google Mail addresses as you need.  I work with Google Mail because it’s free, easy to understand, and very secure.  Those email addresses will always end in ‘’  A majority of the time, your email won’t show up on your website, so it won’t take away from your site’s professionalism in that regard.  However, if you desire, we can always set up a forwarding rule to your personal email (that way, people can email ‘’ but it will be sent to ‘’ and ‘’ won’t have its own inbox).


      If you’d like a custom address (‘’), those are only provided through Pro packages.  If you’d like to go with the WordPress suite, which provides basic email, calendar, and contact services, it runs $3.50/address/month.  I personally recommend syncing your Google Workspace with your WordPress site.  It’s a bit more expensive ($6/address/month), but it allows you to access the entire Google suite and associate it with a custom email.

What if my business has multiple locations?

      Most of the time, if your services are the same across every location, I will have a ‘Locations’ page while every other page remains the same (with maybe 1 or 2 exceptions).  However, if your services differ from location to location, I would recommend getting a Custom package.  That way we can best optimize the user’s experience, easily route them to the location nearest to them, and quickly get them the information they need.

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